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Innovative technologies

Digitalisation is making information technology an essential part of our lives. High-performance information processing is essential for this. Microelectronics is developing at a dynamic pace with the help of photonics - especially in processor technology, data communication and sensor technology.


Integrated optical sensors allow spatial vision with better resolution and at lower cost


Extremely increasing data rates and new applications such as machine vision, lidar and quantum information processing also increasingly require new photonic technologies. By intelligently integrating electronics and photonics, both technologies can achieve their full potential.

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Meeting the growing demands of data transmission

Within data centres, data has so far been transmitted electronically via copper lines or via multimodal plastic fibres. In order to meet the higher demands on transmission rates, optical transmission will be monomodal via optical fibres in the future. In addition, photonic integrated circuits (PICs) will increasingly take over part of the data processing in the future. The PICs simultaneously convert the optical signal into an electronic signal. The PIC is connected to the fibre optic cables by a so-called optical interposer, which contains lenses, mirrors for changing the beam direction and elements for polarisation separation.

The demands on the lenses in this optical interposer for coupling the monomodal signal into the PICs are significantly higher than those on the lenses previously used for the multimodal systems. The demands on the shape accuracy of the lens are very high, but even more important is the exact positioning of the lenses. Up to now, this has been done actively. That is, the lenses are positioned with the laser switched on so that the signal is maximised. Then the lenses are fixed with glue. This process is very expensive and should be saved. GD Optics can manufacture the interposers with the high-precision glass molding process in such a way that additional reference elements make active adjustment superfluous and that all the functions mentioned above are integrated in one compact component.

Future market and field of development

GD Optics sees the field of copackaged optics and photonic-electronic integration as a future market and a strategic field of development, in which we are increasingly involved and pushing ahead with new product developments.

Synergy Generation - Energy Saving

By combining optics and silicon in one housing, a synergy is created between formerly separate and independent technologies, resulting in considerable energy savings GD Optics sees the field of copackaged optics or photonic-electronic integration as a future market and strategic field of development, in which we are increasingly involved and driving forward new product developments.


Research and development

The area of research and development plays a major role for us under the constantly growing demands of greater flexibility, shorter time-to-market times and minimisation of raw material consumption.

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GD Optics is one of the leading international suppliers for the development and production of innovative and high-precision optical components for high-tech applications. We fully cover the entire process chain up to the production and packaging of the optics.

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