New perspectives

New location with sustainability concept

In view of our positive development over the past few years and the goal of continuing to drive forward the sustainable transformation of the company, we have decided on a new production site.

Our continuous growth and our sustainability strategy were decisive factors in the decision to relocate. In addition to these two aspects, other factors were particularly important to us when selecting our new production site:

Due to the solidarity of our employees and our company with the community of Sinn, we decided to remain at our current location in our home region. Another reason for the choice of location: Our colleagues come from the immediate vicinity and there are no long journeys to the workplace. The high loyalty of GD Optics employees and a strong team spirit are the essence of our success.

The new location offers us a multitude of advantages. In addition to the significant increase in production space and the expansion of the clean room area, we will be able to take particular account of our goal of growth in microoptics.

Next Level – made in Sinn

The doubling of capacities for optical coatings will be realised with the move, as well as our long-planned upgrade of numerous research, measurement and production facilities. In order to realise these goals, our existing machinery will also be upgraded.

Since we developed a clear strategy and philosophy for building implementation well before construction began, all parameters of our sustainability strategy were taken into account in the discussions with the architects and construction companies involved - in the construction plans and individual construction phases. In addition to modern green spaces for our employees, we are fulfilling the prerequisites for another main goal of our corporate strategy, namely to be able to manufacture all optics for our customers in a climate-neutral manner in the future. In addition, a large photovoltaic system for our own power supply - in future also for feeding into the public grid - will be put into operation. Numerous charging stations for electric vehicles continue to be available to our employees and guests.

deep wells, using flushing or hammer drilling methods. We can reuse the resulting drilling material as fill material.

percent more production space for fully scalable processes, faster response times to customer requests and the production of high volumes. In addition, a doubling of space for R&D, engineering and administration, ideal conditions for further growth.

percent highly thermally insulated, according to the latest standards - energetically even more efficient than KfW55 standard.

Responsibility for people, the region and the environment


Environmentally friendly

The entire heating and cooling system is provided by the geothermal energy from the deep boreholes. The fact that this natural resource can be used is due to the positive nature of the surrounding soil.



To realise our water needs, large water storage tanks are planned in two cisterns. These will serve us as catch basins for rainwater, another use of natural resources.



The large and modern photovoltaic system on our roof corresponds to our idea of the future. On the one hand, we protect the environment with self-produced green electricity and make ourselves independent of rising electricity prices.


The charging stations for electric cars installed at our new company site help to significantly reduce pollutant emissions and noise pollution from conventionally powered vehicles.

Innovation as the key to climate protection

"We want to manufacture the optics for our customers in a climate-neutral way in the future. Out of conviction, we want to enable our customers to achieve sustainable growth in order to save CO2. Contemporary climate management is our aspiration."

Permanently monitoring and continuously adapting our sustainability is an integral part of our corporate strategy.

Key technology of

Only those who change remain true to themselves. Constantly pushing innovations is one of our entrepreneurial cornerstones. Learn more about the innovative solutions from GD Optics.

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