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The key to the future

Optical technologies in micro format are the pioneers for industrial innovations of the 21st century. GD Optics is one of the leading protagonists in the production of optical components for high-tech applications. With us, innovative strength endures and stands in a holistic context.

We are constantly advancing the technological possibilities of photonics as a key technology for the future - and making them ready for series production.


Enabling Technologies - maximum flexibility for customer-specific solutions

Photonics enables important developments, whether in mechanical and automotive engineering, in micro- and optoelectronics, in lighting technology or in the pharmaceutical and medical device industries.

At GD Optics, we see ourselves as pioneers of industrial change. Our success is inextricably linked to the success of modern mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and information and communication technology. As a company ourselves, we are also highly innovative and competitive. Accordingly, research and development play a major role in our corporate strategy. Last but not least, our great flexibility, coupled with our uncompromising product quality, distinguish us as one of the leading international manufacturers of optical components.


Short innovation cycles require fast and flexible solutions


Markets change rapidly and always require new developments. We find the answers. In close cooperation with our customers, we realise fundamental innovations. No matter whether it is a question of extreme tolerances, e.g. for aspherical lenses on both sides, or microlenses with radii of curvature <0.2mm - we realise fully scalable production for our customers. 



From idea to innovation

GD Optics has the necessary experience and expertise not only to produce innovations, but also to make them ready for series production.


Key technology of digitalisation

Research & Development

Innovation is our engine

Maximum scalability

Leading the way in economical glass pressing technologies

Top Innovator 2023


As the manufacturer of the smallest lens in the world, we have been honored as a TOP 100 company and are part of the German innovation elite.


GD Optics is one of the leading international companies in the field of optical technologies and has thus been a pioneer for innovations in mechanical engineering, production and electrical engineering as well as information and communication technology for many years.

Whether sensor and measurement technology, energy and laser technology, automotive and security technology - many of these highly complex technologies use photonic solutions from GD Optics.

We are also significantly involved in pioneering research projects. The focus is on a research project that will bring about significant efficiency increases in the field of fiber optic coupling technology and massive savings in the energy consumption of data centers.

The TOP 100 innovation competition has been in existence since 1993. The award-winning TOP 100 companies are pacesetters in their industries, moving great things forward with forward-looking innovations.

"We are very pleased to be recognized as one of the TOP 100, as it impressively confirms our path to becoming a market leader through unique technology and innovation."

Winfried Czilwa
Managing Director GD Optics

millimetres is the Radius of curvature of the world's smallest lens we produce.

percent increase in staff since 2020 are an indicator of the steady growth of our company.

percent quality and know-how make us one of the leading international suppliers of precision optics.


Our goal: exceeding your expectations

Our competence, specialist knowledge and expertise are the foundation of our work. Our team is able to react quickly and creatively to changing needs and develop solutions for highly complex and extensive requirements. Therefore, for us, the principles of agile working are an essential part of our culture.



We have the courage to make new things happen by turning ideas into valuable solutions. For us, innovation is above all a question of innovation culture. Innovations can only flourish in a corporate culture that promotes creativity. Every employee is given the opportunity to contribute independently, in his or her best way, in order to inspire our customers in the long term.



We measure the quality of our services and products by the satisfaction of our customers. With the reliable quality of our products from the first to the last component, we also convince with high quantities in series production. With our quality products "Made in Germany" we create a clear competitive advantage and generate lasting customer satisfaction. 



Our first-class trained and experienced team meets new challenges with high motivation and hands-on mentality - always with the goal in mind. With our holistic expertise, we shape ideas and measures whose primary goal is to successfully develop our products and processes and thus the success of our customers.

Company headquarters

Innovation location in the middle of Germany


GD Optics' premises are located at the industrial site of Sinn with excellent infrastructural connections. Our location with all competences under one roof - whether production, warehouse or administration - enables short distances for fast processes.

Our company headquarters is centrally located in Germany in the heart of Hesse, in an area that has the highest industrial density in Germany after the Ruhr region. Leading companies with a global reputation are located in nearby Wetzlar. This is the centre of Germany's optical, electrotechnical and precision engineering industries. Here we develop and produce innovations in the field of photonics.

Solutions for your success


The GD Optics team currently consists of over 40 highly qualified employees who are absolute experts in their field. We work together hand in hand on an equal footing and in a spirit of trust for the success of our customers. 

Due to dynamically developing technologies and markets, the demands and challenges we face on a daily basis are also increasing and we master them with our motivated team. We have a strong track record in the development and production of pioneering products in the field of optical components. Enthusiasm for technology is our driving force. Continuous development is our incentive.

As a rapidly growing company on an international expansion course, we are constantly looking for new motivated employees (m/f/d) to strengthen our team and prepare us for the challenges of the future. Become part of our team and benefit from excellent development and creative opportunities in one of the key technologies of the 21st century.


We want to preserve a world worth living in for future generations. Responsible corporate decisions determine our course. Our actions are guided by economic, ecological and social aspects.


There is a lot to report about us, we always keep you up to date. Click through our news.

Reasons for the global chip shortage

Production stops, delivery delays, failures - the lack of chips is becoming more and more of a problem for companies from a wide variety of industries. Although the semiconductor industry has been working at full speed for months, demand continues to rise.

Light as the key to global sustainability

According to the study "Light as the key to global sustainability", the photonics industry should achieve at least 11 percent of the internationally agreed CO2 savings by 2030.

Smart City and Mobility

The world's population is growing and growing. More and more people are living in cities. The issues this poses for the future are already all too clear today: traffic jams and overloaded traffic systems in major cities lead to increased particulate pollution.

Key technology of digitalisation

Only those who change remain true to themselves. The constant advancement of innovations is one of our entrepreneurial cornerstones. Learn more about the innovative solutions from GD Optics.

About us

GD Optics is one of the leading international suppliers for the development and production of innovative and high-precision optical components for high-tech applications. We fully cover the entire process chain up to the production and packaging of the optics.

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