Acylinder lenses

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Acylinders or aspherical cylinders are lenses with a cylindrical surface whose cross-section deviates from the circular shape. The aspherical cylindrical lens does not focus incident light in a focal point, but along a focal line. This minimises imaging errors and increases efficiency.

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Cylinder optics

Acylinders make it possible to reduce the total number of optical components. In this way, the weight of optical systems can also be sustainably reduced. Acylinders are used in lighting technology, measuring instruments, spectroscopy, laser scanners and medical technology, among other applications. Acylinder lenses can be used to collimate an elliptically diverging beam in such a way that a round profile or an elliptical profile with defined semi-axes is created.

In close dialogue with our customers, we develop and produce individual acylinder optics for a wide range of applications, from prototype status to series production.

Acylinder lens arrays

Most cylindrical or acylindrical lens arrays are customised solutions, specially developed and manufactured for the specific requirements and applications of our customers.

and innovativ

Thanks to innovative manufacturing technologies, we can produce high-precision micro-optics and lens arrays in large quantities, which are used in a wide range of products. A wide variety of spherical lenses with a broad parameter field of lens radius, lens height and lens pitch can be combined in an array.

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