Lens arrays

Variable microlens arrays

Microlens arrays for very different applications offer great potential for future developments by enabling components to be further reduced in size, lowering production costs and increasing the performance of the end product.

Economical and reproducible

Highest precision in every respect

Thanks to innovative manufacturing technologies, we can produce high-quality micro-optics in particularly economical large quantities, which are used in a wide range of innovative products. The performance of the microlens arrays depends crucially on the shape accuracy of the lenses.


50 x 50

Highest precision in every respect

As a series manufacturer, we supply variable microlens arrays and A-cylinder lens arrays, with a size of up to 50 x 50 mm2. A wide variety of spherical lenses with a broad parameter field of lens radius, lens height and lens pitch can be combined in an array.

Thanks to our special processes and our own toolmaking, the dead zones are very small and the proportion of used surface is very large.

Economical and reproducible

Intensity, direction and shape - no other tool is as flexible as laser light. The targeted beam shaping opens up an enormous variety of applications. However, with new technical possibilities, the demands on the laser beam profile are also growing. Take advantage of the economical and reproducible solutions from GD Optics.

About us

GD Optics is one of the leading international suppliers for the development and production of innovative and high-precision optical components for high-tech applications. We fully cover the entire process chain up to the production and packaging of the optics.

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