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Trendsetting laser technology - we manufacture the precision optics

The laser is the universal high-tech tool of the 21st century - whether in the automotive industry, medical technology or the entertainment industry. Laser technology creates optimal conditions for economical and environmentally friendly production.

Laser technology is already "state of the art" in a wide variety of industries. These include automotive and shipbuilding, aerospace and heavy industry. For the production of components for computers and smartphones as well as for the manufacture of displays - lasers are ubiquitous. Lasers enable much more precise, faster and more flexible manufacturing than conventional processes.

With the help of laser technology, manufacturing processes can be optimised and increasingly automated. By reducing the amount of material and energy used, laser technology also conserves resources and at the same time increases the quality and complexity of components. A look at the global market shows: around 40 percent of the beam sources sold worldwide and 20 percent of the laser systems for material processing come from Germany.

Laser technology also opens up great growth opportunities for the future

Laser technology also opens up great growth opportunities and innovation potential with many new fields of application for the future. Whether in the field of 3D printing material processing, material and lightweight construction joints or surface structures and coatings.


LiDAR optics

Whether robotics, mobility or automotive - we supply the right LiDAR optics. LiDAR technology opens up a whole range of possible applications, whether in the field of traffic monitoring, automotive, air traffic or wind energy.

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GD Optics is one of the leading international suppliers for the development and production of innovative and high-precision optical components for high-tech applications. We fully cover the entire process chain up to the production and packaging of the optics.

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