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Compared to spherical lenses, aspheres have significantly better imaging properties. This is due to the surface geometry deviating from the spherical shape. The resulting essential advantage is the ability to correct spherical aberrations.

Aspheres made to measure

An aspherical lens offers higher image quality, reduces the number of optical elements required and can significantly lower the cost of optical systems. By using aspheres, particularly compact designs can be realised because the number of lenses used can be reduced.

To reduce the size of systems without sacrificing performance, the beam path can be folded, for example. Asymmetrical aberrations can be compensated for by using free-form optical elements. Thanks to their special surface shape, aspheres also open up applications for which classical spherical lenses are not suitable.

Customised and standard aspheres

Precision-moulded aspheres are our speciality. We manufacture customised and standard aspheres with a diameter of up to 30 mm. Thanks to our innovative molding processes, we can also produce biconvex or meniscus lenses.

In addition to the production of collimators, we also have experience in the production of special shapes of aspheres, such as segmented correction lenses. Thanks to our innovative pressing processes, we can also produce biconvex or meniscus lenses.

Standard aspheres

In the table you will find a list of our standard lenses.


Below you will find all the associated Zemax files for downloading

AC002         AC024         AC040         AC055         AC055a         AC057         AC059         AC067         AC090         AC130          AC144


Please let us know which quantity you are interested in and if you need a coating for the lens. Simply send us an e-mail via our contact form - we will get back to you as soon as possible.


Acylinders are used, for example, in lighting technology, in measuring instruments, in spectroscopy, in laser scanners or in medical technology. GD Optics produces A-cylinders in the milimetre range as well as in larger dimensions. Together with our customers, we develop and manufacture the appropriate cylinder optics for the respective area of application.

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GD Optics is one of the leading international suppliers for the development and production of innovative and high-precision optical components for high-tech applications. We fully cover the entire process chain up to the production and packaging of the optics.

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